Tree plantation at Bhagwat Niwas

Tree Plantation at Radha Bawri
July 17, 2011
September 3, 2011

Tree plantation at Bhagwat Niwas

Bhagwat niwas plantation drive

Sacred Grove Conservation

July 21st 2011, Friends of Vrindavan planted trees in the Grove Shrine of Bhagwat Niwas in Ramanreti under its programme of the Sacred Grove Conservation. Bhagwat Niwas is a sacred place for the Gaudiya Vaishnavas where the Gaudiya Vaishnava’s have been meditating for many years. This place is the meditation place of Shri Ram Krishna Das ji Pandit Baba (famous as Siddha Baba of Vrindavan) and his successor Shri Kripasindhu Das Baba. Even today many of the vaishnavas meditate there by residing in this Grove shrine and survive on Madhukuri (vaishnava term to begging alms).
Vrindavan without trees is like a mother without her children. The deer and other forest animals have disappeared. Even the peacocks, forever the forest companions of Krishna, are disappearing for lack of the mature trees and groves which are their habitat said Sukhdev Baba one of the saint residing at Bhagwat Niwas.
A number of fifty trees were planted here and the sadhus showed their interest to make their own nursery to support the regeneration of the forest and groves. It was also decided to seek technical assistance from either forestry or the horticulture department to protect the ancient sick trees.
We are powerless, but can meditate and pray only to Krishna to come back again to kill the greed of people who have transformed His abode into a concrete Jungle, said one old saint residing in this ashram.
Friends of Vrindavan’s programme associate Shri Nootan Sharma, Community Development Officer Shri Brajesh Sharma, Senior Supervisor Shri Satish Verma were present there during the plantation drive. The Sadhus offered prasadam to the volunteers who participated in the plantation drive.

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