Tree plantation at Bhagwat Niwas
July 21, 2011
September 11, 2011


Cleaning & GreeningCleaning & Greening Vrindavan

Though, hundreds of trees were planted in this area in a decade by FoV, many trees were damaged in the name of development. The broadening the road, making the storm water drain and laying the sewerage line resulted in the major cutting green trees planted by FoV. Now again in its constant endeavour to clean & green Vrindavan, this stretch of Parikrama Marg is adopted to restore the sanctity, ecology and tranquillity by planting more trees, keeping it clean and educating about the Vrindavan culture. Two sohni-sevaks (cleaners) and one gardener are employed under the project.

Friends of Vrindavan launches the new cleaning & greening project in the Parikrama Marg of Vrindavan. It has adopted the area of two kilometres from Chaitanya Kuti to Kesi Ghat for cleaning & greening as a humble endeavor to revive the glory and grandeur of Vrindavan. Keeping view of the special occasion of Radhashtami, which is the appearance day of Swami Haridas too, the Tatiasthan has special significance on this very day. Thousands of devotees visit this shrine on this day. The special cleaning and greening drive will be concentrated around the Tatiasthan, but it will be extended to Kesighat and Paani ghat after the festival.Cleaning & Greening
The Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority has put one hundred odd tree guards in the Parikrama Marg between Kesighat to Tatiasthan and on the road leads to the Rangji Ka bare bagicha. The MVDA has principally agreed to hand-over those tree guards to FoV. The trees are being planted in them and regularly being watered to help them to grow. Some new trees have also been planted by FoV on the Devraha Baba road on the Yamuna Bank.
It is a unique experience when the cleaning and greening of a stretch will be done together. This project will include some school students who will volunteer to educate the residents and the people living in ashrams about the garbage management and look after the trees. Paper and jute bags will also be distributed in the ashrams to discourage them to use the plastic carry bags. The Indian Oil Corporation and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board will be approached to donate the community garbage bins to be installed the project location.
This project has its importance not only for the devotional reasons of the Parikrama, but the success of the project will attribute to check the garbage throwing in the Yamuna Bank in that stretch. The Yash Birla Group and Akshaya Patra Foundation are supporting this project currently. The area of the service can be extended if more philanthropic institutions and personalities take interest in this project.

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