September 28, 2011
VCF maintained special cleaning operation during Kartik
November 6, 2011


Tree plantation in Akshaya Patra

Season’s tree plantation completion ceremony

Vrindavan, October 1st 2011: Vrindavan’s flora-fauna, forest and wildlife needs to be protected to keep the essence of the name of Vrindavan. These words were said by Acharya Shri Atul Krishna Goswami, Sevait of Shri Banke Bihari and Saneh Bihari Temples of Vrindavan. He was addressing a meeting during the “Season’s tree plantation completion ceremony” organised by Friends of Vrindavan. He said that Swami Haridas didn’t allow Akbar to come to Vrindavan with his troops as it would disturb the wildlife of this Divine Land. Those who buy land in Vrindavan should take example from this incident which took place 500 years back. People would come to Vrindavan and plant a garden of trees and creepers around their houses to create an atmosphere conductive to the devotional practices, but now people are in competition to make it a concrete jungle.
Shri R.D. Singh, the Forest Range Officer said that the Forestry Department has proposed to the Government to convert the protected eighty acres of land on the Chhatikara-Vrindavan road into Peacock Sanctuary. He added that it was good to feel that the local people of Vrindavan are becoming aware of the importance of trees. His department gets information from the people if any tree is cut. He said that the momentum of the awareness level needs to be maintained as the forestry department has limited staff and it can’t vigil behind each tree. It would act immediate after every complaint received. He said that order of the Hon’ble High Court while hearing a petition from Friends of Vrindavan has become a shield for the department to restrict the other department to cut the trees in the name of development.
Dr. Arvind Kumar, the Scientific Officer from the U.P. Pollution Control Board said that his department would provide any number of trees for free to anyone who is interested to plant the trees in the Braj region. He said that his department has been planting the trees with FoV for last few years, but the challenge is to helping them to grow. People should start adopting trees to water and care them.
Shri Deen Dayal Das from the Hare Krishna Movement said that a number of one thousand trees can be planted in Shri Radha Vrindavan Chandra Temple at the Akshay Patra Campus. FoV has helped planting one hundred and eleven trees so far in the campus. He requested the forestry and other departments to donate the typical trees so it can be planted in the next season.
Shri Bal Krishna Gautam and Dr. Rakesh Haripriya said that the trees have many enemies which doesn’t allow it to grow freely. These days the growing number of monkey population has become the foremost enemy for the trees which break the saplings if it is not protected. The monkeys have become a threat for the human lives as it bites the senior citizen and the children. Some people have died in different areas of Braj due to the attack of monkeys.
Pt. Bihari Lal Bashishtha presided over the function and said that the Government should provide land to the private organisations on the Yamuna Flood Plain to make a model Krishna Lila Van which will have all the typical varieties of trees. It is shameful for us not being able to take the new generation coming from abroad and the other parts of the country to the Krishna forests and Sacred Groves.

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