Satellite garbage dumping station to be cleaned

VCF maintained special cleaning operation during Kartik
November 6, 2011
VCF to include small renovation work while cleaning streets
November 26, 2011

Satellite garbage dumping station to be cleaned

Mirzapur dharmashala cleaning

Satellite garbagae station cleaning

New satellite dumping station has been adopted to be cleaned regularly under the programme of the Vrindavan Cleaning Fund. The garbage generated from the house-holds and the commercial complexes of Radha Niwas, Gurukul road, Gaushala Nagar -II and other neighbourhood is being temporarily dumped here to be transported to the main landfill site.
This site is situated on the main road of Mathura-Vrindavan near the Munger Mandir. Huge amount of garbage is being dumped in front of the Mirzapur wali Dharmashala every day, and it is left un-cleared for several days, which leaves a bad impression on the visitors of this pilgrimage town. The municipality failed to pick up the garbage regularly and its workers burn the accumulated heap of garbage resulting to the emission of huge amount of smoke coming out of it. It created nuisance in the surrounding. As per the residents of the locality the municipality didn’t take any action even after several complaints. A healthy person may suffer many diseases from the smoke which includes burning eyes, headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms.
Keeping in view of the importance of this site the FoV management decided to adopt this garbage centre to be cleared every day and if possible twice a day. Sadhu Maharaj from the Munger Raj Mandir has promised to support this operation with Rupees One thousand per month. More of the nearby ashrams, guest houses and institutions will be contacted to their financial contribution for this project to sustain this initiative.

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