Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance

In January 2010 an alliance was formed to act as one voice for future development plans in the Braj Mandal. The BVHA meets weekly in a different temple location and all are invited to help achieve mutual goals to do with preservation of heritage, pollution, currrent developments and other urgent matters concerning the Holy Dham.

Conservation of Water Bodieas

Mansarovar, a rare wetland grove and bird sanctuary, roughly five acres in size, a few miles across the Yamuna river from Vrindavan became choked with water hyacinth so that the surface of the lake was completely hidden from view. In autumn of 1998 a FOV team worked hard for six weeks to clear this invasive weed and restore the lake to its pristine beauty. It was exhausting and unpleasant work but now its original beauty is restored and the birds and wildlife are returning to their previous haunts.

There are many kunds and water bodies in Vraj and FOV is advocating for their restoration and revitalization so that they may again service the local area with clean water.

Environmental Education

Different schools are participating in this programme. Painting competitions, craft competition and exhibition with recycled products, rallies, padyatra, cleanliness drives are organized with the schools to bring the awareness among the future generations of the town. Three schools have been partnered in this programme for the environment education and environmental awareness programmes are organized every month in those schools.

Garbage Manaement

FOV evolved a strategy to help alleviate the garbage collection problem in a financially self-sustaining way, which has been fairly achieved over the past 3 years under the VKPP project. A community owned entity has been created which has been instrumental in evolving this partnership network. FOV now has the experience of over a decade of urban garbage collection, street cleaning and door-to-door interactions, a model which has become highly practical and replicable.

Handmade paper Unit

Dr. Regina Dbe, Senior Advisor & Head, Sustainable Urban Environment, GTZ-ASEM was present in March 2010 for the inauguration of the calendaring machine and the fully automatic cutting machine for the new finishing department of the handmade paper unit which has enhanced the papermaking facilities and production at FoV as part of VKPP


Recently FoV has been given the responsibility to train members of selected developmental organizations active in different fields of social services in Agra and Mathura District, for Mainstreaming Awareness of HIV/ AIDS. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences has provided technical assistance and funding from UNDP for the training of trainers workshops which FoV are conducting.